Gusts of wind and rain failed to dampen the spirits when a tightrope walker walked over a big top Motorists on the M61 had a close up view when Marco Paolo of Mr Fips Wonder Circus performed the stunt at Botany Bay, where the circus is staying until this weekend.

Despite being open to the elements, the artist even managed a wave, as he stepped his way across the top of the circus tent.

The professional he is, Marco seemed to enjoy the experience, seen smiling and waving to the onlookers.

The high wire sensation is just one part of Mr Fips Wonder Circus with shows at Botany Bay, Chorley which runs until Sunday, May 18.

The show also features Indian Hula Hoop performer Jana Roberts, aerial trapeze artist Miss Linda, Shetland ponies and beautiful Andalusian horses showcased in the giant sphere.

Along with children’s favourite Charly the clown and animated cartoon characters George and Camilla, Mexican high wire sensation Marco is a sight to behold, alongside the jugglers and acrobats.

Tickets for the circus are priced from £5.99 and are available from the onsite box office or by calling 07719 877422.