Work is set to begin to renew the surfaces of three of Chorley’s town centre car parks.

Starting this week, the work will mean the car parks will have to close, however it will be staggered to ensure only one car park is affected at a time.

Fleet Street car park is first to be improved meaning that it closed on Monday for approximately seven weeks affecting the short stay and temporary free car park.

Jamie Carson, director of people and places at Chorley Council, said: “As the car parks are the first impression visitors have on the town centre when they arrive, it is important they are kept maintained and looking tidy.

“After listening to the views of people in the community such as residents and traders, we have decided that it is necessary to improve the uneven surfaces and worn tarmac of these car parks in order to ensure that they are safe and pleasant to use for many years to come.”

The car park behind the newly-refurbished former McDonalds site, which has temporarily been used as a free car park, will join the Fleet Street short stay car park to create a large, pay and display parking area.

Mr Carson added: “Although the temporarily free parking spaces will now be charged for, we will be creating additional ‘free for 30 minutes’ bays along Gillibrand Street which will work in a similar way to the new parking bays along Market Street.

“While the work on Fleet Street short stay car park is taking place, visitors will still be able to use the ample spaces on the Fleet Street long stay car park on the opposite side of the road.”

Work to the car parks, which coincides with the wider improvement work in the town centre, is expected to take around 20 weeks with completion in mid-September.Flat Iron and Portland Street car parks will also be resurfaced.