SPECTACULAR wood sculptures, carved from storm damaged trees, have appeared in park woodland.

The intricate and eye-catching creations, of a snake and an owl, were photographed by a walker who was captivated by the creative way the fallen trees had been transformed.

The sculptures have been created on the south side of the River Yarrow in woods favoured by dog walkers close to Duxbury Park, Chorley.

Professor Norman Allen, of Carr Lane in Chorley, said he believed the animal artwork had been created in recent days from trees toppled in the winter storms.

The owl is carved from a tree stump while the snake is created from an almost severed branch which seems to be overlooking the pathway.

He said: “On Sunday I was walking with my dog in the lower south side by the river of Duxbury Woods.

“I happened to find these two amazing sculptures carved recently out of fallen trees from the last storm.

“They are very impressive and it would need someone very skilful to create them.

“Whoever crafted these amazing sculptures definitely deserves some acclaim.”

Duxbury is home to Duxbury Jubilee Park, Duxbury Golf Course, the woods and the River Yarrow.

It was also home to Duxbury Hall, the seat of the Standish family for centuries.

Many consider the great barn at Duxbury to be the original home of American founding father Myles Standish, who sailed on the Mayflower to populate America.

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