A group which encourages families to enjoy one of Chorley’s rural treasures has received a financial boost for their activities.

Chorley Community Housing (CCH) has funded activities for the friends of Healey Nab through their community grant scheme – the Neighbourhood Fund.

Activities included bird box making and siting, where children from St James School made bird boxes with the help of park rangers and then put them up across Healey Nab while enjoying a healthy picnic.

The children also took part in spring watch activities, walking out onto Healey Nab and looking at signs of spring and recording their findings.

Samantha Hornsby, neighbourhood development officer at CCH said, “It’s really good to see the children taking part in outdoor spring activities and learning more about the countryside and nature that is practically on their doorstep.”

The friends of Healey Nab group work in partnership with local schools, scout groups and care providers to get involved in conservation activities such as balsam bashing and litter picking.

They also give presentations on wildlife and local history.

Janet Howarth of the Friends of Healey Nab said: “Our project encourages children and their families to get out in the countryside and learn more about the area in which they live, encouraging them to value and use these outdoor areas, leading to healthier and more active lives.”