The illumination of one of Chorley’s most prominent landmarks has caused controversy with the Mayor of a neighbouring town accusing officials of “hijacking” Rivington Pike.

Chorley Council has organised the “light up” to launch a campaign ‘Choose Chorley’, aimed at creating new jobs and attracting businesses to the borough.

The move has not been universally popular, with the Mayor of Horwich, the town closest to the tower but in the borough of Bolton, slamming Chorley Council for ‘hijacking’ Rivington Pike, without consulting the town’s residents.

Councillor Christine Root said residents will be ‘absolutely outraged’ to see the Chorley stamp on the Grade-II listed building.

Councillor Alistair Bradley, Leader of Chorley Council, said the authority hadn’t consulted with Horwich residents because it was being kept a surprise.

He said: “Lighting the Pike has certainly got people talking about Chorley and that is what we set out to do.

“Although it looks impressive, there is a very important reason why we are doing it, and that’s to put Chorley on the map as part of our campaign to get people to Choose Chorley for Business.

“The Pike is the borough’s most visible landmark and the dispute over where we are is exactly the kind of debate we wanted to strike up so that there is no confusion as to where Chorley starts and ends.

“Lighting the Pike is part of a wider programme of work we are doing, backed up by our £300,000 investment to attract businesses.

“I can’t see why this is being described as silly when it’s about the council doing all it can to create new jobs.”

The final day of illumination will be on Friday, March 28 between 5pm-9pm when weather permitting there will be a final, as yet undisclosed surprise for visitors viewing the landmark.