ONE of Lancashire’s most prominent landmarks is being illuminated to launch a campaign to attract more jobs and businesses.

Chorley’s Rivington Pike is to be bathed in red for the next fortnight to help market the town.

Chorley Council, which owns the tower, said the Pike will turn red during evening rush hour to put Chorley on the map.

The stunt is part of a new inward investment campaign ‘Choose Chorley’, aimed at creating new jobs and attracting businesses to the borough.

Chorley Council leader Alistair Bradley said: “One of our main priorities is to bring more opportunities for people here, whether it’s to get employment, or move up the career ladder. By lighting our most prominent landmark, which is visible for miles around, it will show people exactly where we are, and get people talking about what we are doing.”

Monday saw the launch of a new website and a new grants package for businesses looking to move to Chorley.

The move has not been without controversy, with the Mayor of Horwich, the town closest to the tower but in the borough of Bolton, slamming Chorley Council for ‘hijacking’ Rivington Pike, without consulting the town’s residents.

Coun Christine Root said residents will be ‘absolutely outraged’ to see the Chorley stamp on the Grade-II listed building.

But Coun Bradley hit back, saying they wanted to put Chorley on the map, and chose Rivington Pike as a ‘landmark’ to show just how far the town spreads.