Tenants of Chorley Community Housing (CCH) who are up to date with their rent are being offered a rent holiday by their landlord.

The ‘rent free’ period comes as CCH reaches the end of its financial year but only applies to tenants who are not behind with their rent.

The rent holiday does not apply to anyone who is behind with their rent.

Tenants who owe rent are required to maintain any arrangement to repay their debt, with a reminder from CCH that falling behind with the rent and then, failing to make payments in line with any agreement made, could lead to eviction.

In the past six months, 18 CCH tenants have lost their homes, owing almost £45,000 between them.

CCH income officer Elaine Ollerton said: “CCH collects rent over a 48 week cycle, which means that in the two weeks at Christmas and at the end of March, anyone who has paid their rent on time every week and whose account is up to date gets a ‘rent free’ period.”

Elaine added: “Paying your rent during the rent free period means that any debt is automatically reduced by a corresponding amount.

“I’d also encourage tenants whose rent accounts are up to date to think about making payments in order to build up a safety buffer on their account.”

The rent free weeks are weeks commencing March 24 and March 31.

CCH can be contacted on 0845 505 3355.