A derelict former children’s home which has been the target of vandalism and an eyesore for more than a decade is set to be knocked down.

The privately-owned house, in Thirlmere Road, Chorley, is to be demolished and replaced by housing.

The building has been the target of attempted break-ins and a magnet for youths congregating over the years, much to the annoyance of nearby residents. Ward councillor Tony Gee said: “We’ve had so many complaints about this derelict property from residents who’ve had to put up with this eyesore right on their doorstep for so long, so I’m sure that they too will be pleased to see it demolished and the new homes built.

“It will be a real lift for the area after putting up with this blight for so long.” The cleared land will be ‘gifted’ to Chorley Community Housing (CCH) which, subject to planning permission, will build three two-bedroom bungalows for local people to rent out.

Councillor Alistair Bradley, leader of Chorley Council, said: “This house has blighted this area for years. It has been made secure since it closed as a children’s home, but has been allowed to deteriorate and is in such a state that it’s never likely to be renovated.

“It’s not in a dangerous condition nor is it a threat to people’s health, so we have no powers to force them to do anything with it.

“The total cost to us of buying the house and getting it demolished would be around £100,000, but for that investment we would get three new affordable homes built for local people.

“We need more affordable housing in the borough and there’s a particular need for bungalows.

“Although they would be administered by CCH, we would always be able to ensure that they would only be available for use by people from the borough to move into.”