A MOTHER-OF-TWO has pleaded guilty to falsely obtaining more than £3,700 in benefits.

Annie Amos, 28, of Water Street, in Chorley, had legitimately claimed income support, housing benefit, and council tax benefit, as an unemployed single parent, magistrates were told.

However, the court heard she failed to tell the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and Chorley Council when her partner moved in.

The fraud claim came to light as a result of anonymous information being received.

Evidence was gathered by DWP officers, which revealed there was some merit to the allegation, and so Chorley Council investigators were invited to join the checks.

Magistrates fined Amos £70, and ordered her to pay a victim surcharge of £20, and £85 costs.

Steps are now being taken to recover the overpaid benefit in full.