Villagers in Zimbabwe have a source of clean and fresh drinking water thanks to a Chorley pharmacy’s customers and staff.

The Medicx pharmacy practice in Peel Street has been donating money to AquAid, for 18 months and this is the second ‘Elephant Pump’ that has been supported by the pharmacy.

Installed by The Africa Trust charity, villagers in Manicaland, Zimbabwe, will now be able to enjoy clean and fresh drinking water from a pump that carries the message, ‘a gift from your friends at Medicx Pharmacy’.

Elizabeth Baggs, Chorley pharmacy manager, said: “It’s wonderful to think that a community in Zimbabwe has its own fresh drinking water thanks to the donations we have made by buying water for our patients to drink.

"The life saving pumps that AquAid provide are vital to communities such as this one in Manicaland and we are delighted to support such a worthwhile project in Africa.”

Fern Shaw, AquAid Africa, said: “It is extremely important that we receive help from companies. It is only through the ongoing support of businesses that we are able to continue to carry out this vital work.

"It makes a huge difference to people’s lives in these communities, who would otherwise have to walk several miles to find water and even then, may find it contaminated.”