ONE of the most familiar and longstanding faces on Chorley market has retired after 40 years as a fishmonger.

Peter Livesey, hung up his filleting knife for the final time on Friday after decades as a ‘sole trader’.

Peter, who celebrated his 65th birthday the following day, started working at Liveseys Fish Stall, established in 1949, in the mid-1970s.

The stall, on the town’s Covered Market, will continue to be run by his brother David and son Robert.

Peter, who lives in Blackpool, said the industry had changed since he began his career.

He said: “Before every day at the market I go to Fleetwood with my brother at around 5am to buy the stock.

“In the 1970s some of the catches and volume of fish were a wonder to behold, there were thousands of fish landed every day.

“It’s a lot quieter now but I still enjoy the banter as we buy.

“There’s been a big change in buying habits over the years, salmon has become much more popular and species like rockfish, which at one time was a big seller, has very little demand now.”

Peter said he had mixed feelings about retirement.

“I will miss the people of Chorley, the laughs and the banter, but maybe not so much aspects of the work.

“I’ve got arthritis in my hands from working with ice and wet fish, which is an occupational hazard for many fishmongers and it can get very cold.”

Peter, who is a keen Blackpool FC fan, added that he intended to spend more time with his three young grandsons and intended to redevelop a bungalow near his home.

He added: “I decided to retire the old-fashioned way when I was 65 and I must admit I’ve been looking forward to it.”