Youngsters have predicted Chorley’s future by burying a time capsule with their thoughts of how the area will look in 100 years.

Pupils from St James Primary School buried the capsule after being invited by Morris Homes’ at the nearby Rivington View development.

Year one pupils worked together to make the capsule and then visited the Eaves Lane site to gain inspiration of what homes in Chorley are like now so they can imagine how they will change in the future.

The pupils then returned to school to put together their time capsule which included drawings, photographs and parts of their school uniform, to reflect what Chorley means to them now and how they think the town will look like in 100 years’ time.

Tracey Lowe, sales manager at Morris, said: “We wanted to celebrate how local people feel about Chorley by burying a time capsule at Rivington View, and we enjoyed hearing the children's feelings about their town.

“The pupils were enthusiastic and engaged and had some interesting ideas about how future homes will look and what they imagine Chorley to be like in 100 years time.”

Linda Mather, Year One teacher at Chorley St. James Primary School, said: “They really enjoyed learning about the construction industry during the site visit and they are excited to know that their work will still be at the site in 100 years’ time.”