Leyland’s environmental health experts are making a noise about a new app which can record nuisance and report it in a click of a button.

The noise nuisance app can be downloaded for free to mobile phones or tablet devices and can be used to record noise and create a diary of complaints.

In the past, residents making a complaint to the council about noise, anything from barking dogs to industrial noise, loud music and parties, have been asked to fill in paper diaries.

This log will show how often the incidents are occurring and how long they last.

The new app will not only automatically capture the date and time of the noise, but also take a digital recording that will be sent to the council to assist with the investigation.

The app also offers free information, advice and resources about noise issues.

Between April and October 2013, South Ribble Borough Council received more than 320 complaints about noise from residents across the borough and deals with around 700 complaints every year.

As part of the investigations, officers are tasked with deciding whether the noise can be classed as ‘unreasonable’ and if so can serve an abatement notice asking for the offender to stop.

The council recently silenced one noisy neighbour by confiscating 700 vinyl records, 270 CDs and 170 cassettes as well as a TV, DVD player, Freeview box, speakers and a mini component system.