A mum-of-two from Eccleston who fraudulently claimed nearly £6,000 in benefits must now pay it back and undertake community service.

Laura Wilson, 31, of The Green, pleaded guilty at Preston Magistrates Court of falsely obtaining housing benefit.

The court heard she had initially claimed the benefit legitimately under her maiden name of Worden as an employed single mum living at Kirstin Court, Eccleston.

She informed the council of her change of address when she moved in November 2010 but failed to report that her partner, who she married this year, also moved in.

She later said that as he worked she no longer needed to claim so her housing benefit was cancelled.

But information came to light that suggested she and her partner had been living together for two years, since she first moved to The Green. She was sentenced to 40 hours’ work and ordered to pay £85 costs and £60 victim surcharge.