A CHILDREN’S music charity has been formed to continue the legacy of a well known singer and guitar player who died suddenly just before Christmas.

Peter Haselden, 55, performed with his acoustic guitar in Chapel Street, Chorley, his ‘pitch’ being at the front of Claire’s Accessories.

Mr Hasleden, who was aff-ectionately known to shoppers as ‘Busker Pete’ or ‘Azzy’, collapsed and died on December 22, minutes after performing in his usual town centre spot.

He left wife Rachel and two teenage sons, Joe and Dan.

Now his family and friends have formed a charity, PA Sound Foundation, which intends to support young people in Chorley in their musical endeavours.

A charity night entitled ‘Azzy’s Encore’ has been organised to launch the charity, which features the cream of the town’s musical talent.

It will take place at Chorley Football Club on Saturday, July 20 and features live favourites Red Moon Joe, The Crackers, Pipedream and John Brindley along with other guests.

Mark Wilkinson, singer and songwriter with Red Moon Joe, said Mr Hasleden was an ‘inspirational figure’ to young musicians in Chorley.

“All we ever talked about was music and guitars,” he said.

“He was incredible. He seemed to know the words to most of the songs ever recorded, he had a massive repertoire.

“I would go with him to open mic nights and he would be so generous with younger or new performers. He was full of encouragement and advice for those going on stage for the first time and loved to watch people play music.

“Shortly after he died, several of his friends and family were at a New Year’s Eve gathering and we decided that a concert in his memory would be a good idea. Hopefully the money raised will go to helping kids get into music.”

Mr Haselden’s sister-in-law, Sharon Sutcliffe, said: “It was terrible to lose him so suddenly, so sad. Rachel and all the family were overwhelmed by the hundreds of tributes. We were stunned that he was held in so much affection by so many people.

“Rachel wanted to set up a charity to carry on his musical legacy and make music accessible to young people. Hopefully the concert evening will be a success.”

Admission to the concert is by ticket only. They are on sale, costing £5 at Malcolm’s Musicland, Chapel Street, Chorley.