Chorley nurse who took jabs is suspended

9:00pm Thursday 16th May 2013

By Chris Gee

A DEPRESSED nurse who pocketed vaccinations at the surgery where she worked and begged a colleague to inject has now been suspended for a year.

April Miller took the travel jabs and administered them to herself after the co-worker had refused to help.

She also bungled a patient's injections by injecting them with typh-oid instead of hepatitis B and incorrectly recorded the results of a smear test.

A string of charges was found proved against her at a Nursing and Mid-wifery Council hearing in central London.

But the panel ruled that a 12-month suspension would allow the nurse to 'reflect' on her dishon-esty.’ The chair, Penny Griffith, told her: “You do not prescribe or administer medication to clients in your current employment and are not assessing clients face to face but completing file work.

“You have learned a lot from your mistakes, recognise the need to seek support and advice and you are actively managing the health issues.

“The dishonesty in this case involved claiming that travel vaccines were from a private prescr-iption.

“When in fact they had been taken from the surgery stock. Your behaviour in the charges found proved fell far short of what would be proper and that your behaviour clearly constituted misconduct sufficiently serious as to impair your fitness to practice.”

Ms Griffith also said that although Miller had shown some insight into her failings, there was no evidence to suggest that she had tried to remedy these.

While the panel found she had mixed up a patient's vaccinations, and wrongly recorded smear test results, they ruled she had not tried to cover up her failings.

Ms Griffith said: “You had been looking at hard copy notes of another patient at the time and had mistakenly inserted information from this into the system under the wrong patient's records.

“You corrected your mistake by deleting the incorrect result.

“In making the amendment you were not seeking to deceive.

“But were simply correcting a record keeping error.”

The charges relate to a period between May 2007 and August 2008 while Miller was working at the Regent House Surgery in Chorley, Lancs.

Miller currently works for the Atos Healthcare assessing people who are making disability benefit claims.


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