More than 30 coats have been donated by staff from Chorley Community Housing (CCH) to a charity that aims to help homeless people.

The coat collection was organised by Peter Woods, senior programme coordinator with CCH’s parent company Adactus Housing Group.

The clothing donated will go to the Mustard Tree charity, which aims to help homeless people who sleep rough.

Last winter 5,000 ‘excess’ deaths occurred in the North West, many because of a lack of heating and warm clothing.

The number of ‘excess’ deaths is calculated by the Office for National Statistics and is the difference between the number of deaths from December to March, compared to those which occur during the rest of the year.

Peter Woods said he heard the plea for coats on the radio.

He said: “The uniqueness of this charity drive was that they were not looking for a new coat or even money towards a new coat.

“All they were asking for was simply a coat that you no longer use.”

Mark Foster, from Adactus, said: “Pete’s actions in asking staff to bring in that coat that’s been hanging on the back of the door or waiting for a fashion revival in the wardrobe will play a big part in helping the homeless and the destitute through the winter months.”

Peter added “I am extremely pleased with the amount of coats that were donated by CCH staff and I am sure that Mustard Tree will be over the moon.”