NEVER trust a TV programme which has an exclamation mark in its title.

That’s Britain! is the Beeb’s latest attempt at a chatty, magazine-style show which so far appears to be on a par with Daybreak.

For those old enough to remember, That’s Life was a TV fixture which somehow managed to combine genuine consumer journalism with skateboarding dogs.

But whereas That’s Life! had the imperious Esther Rantzen at the helm, That’s Britain! has Julia Bradbury and Nick Knowles.

On-screen chemistry is a difficult thing to create but to the casual viewer it would appear as though Ms Bradbury would much rather be striding across the fells than sharing a sofa with a man who has taken to dressing like a Dickens’ character.

Much is made of encouraging the audience top get in touch with things which annoy them.

For a start might I put forward TV presenters who struggle to work with the concept of a live show.

Another would be the use of so-called celebrity reporters.

For some reason this week we had comedian Stephen K Amos getting up with the lark and bemoaning the demise of the milkman.

If That’s Britain, we should all turn out the lights now!