THE family of singing soldier Jonjo Kerr say he is a “born entertainer” who will relish the chance to sing before the nation.

Even as a toddler the X Factor finalist always wanted to be the centre of attention according to his sister Siobhan, who has opened up the family’s picture albums for the Lancashire Telegraph.

And he loved nothing better than appearing in school plays and being on stage.

The 28-year-old, who lived in Meadow Street, Wheelton, before joining the Army, is in the final 16 of the ITV1 show and bookmakers have made him favourite in the over-25 category.

Jonjo has put his career in the Corunna Company 3rd Battalion Yorkshire Regiment on the line to take part in the hit show.

Siobhan, 29, said her brother, who broke down in tears when judge Louis Walsh gave him the nod, had natural musical ability since childhood.

“Even as a toddler he was always the centre of attention,” she said.

“He would sing and dance and was picked for all the school plays.

"He was brilliant as Oliver at primary school.

“He could pick up all styles of songs from the radio and CDs, and often you couldn’t tell the difference between him and the performer.

“He has a natural affinity with children, is very much a comedian, and is a very talented dancer too.”

Jonjos’ route to national fame has been an unconventional one.

For him there has been no prestigious stage school, or formal vocal training.

Instead, his stage skills and singing technique were honed and polished in the back street pubs of Chorley town centre.

“He would always be on the karaoke in Last Orders and the Market Tavern,” said Siobhan.

“Apart from that I’ve only ever seen him perform in front of an audience at family occasions.”

That’s all about to change, with an audience in excess of 11 million expected to tune in to watch his debut live performance tomorrow.

And the scramble among family and friends for tickets to the live shows has also begun. For each show, Jonjo is only allocated eight tickets, with his wife Melissa, their six-year-old son Bradley, and mother Donna, expected to go this weekend.

His other siblings James, 25, and 21-year-old Bonnie, and Siobhan, are also in the queue as his bid for stardom begins.