AFTER getting off to a dramatic start, Celebrity Big Brother housemate Lucien Laviscount seemed to have a quiet day.

Despite his numerous romantic interests in the house including Amy Childs, Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff and his most recent crush Tara Reid, he appeared to copy fellow housemate Bobby Sabel’s game and kept a low profile.

The day began with the promise of mischief as Lucien woke up next to Tara Reid and the housemates discovered he had caused chaos by mixing up the kitchen.

But Lucien then spent the rest of his time sitting pretty and observing everyone else.

As various groups are forming and the housemates are discovering their likes and dislikes, it seemed that Lucien stepped back to a more observational viewpoint.

However, despite Luciens’ more reserved behaviour he still managed to find the time to admit he’s rather taken with Tara Reid and have a few laughs with Kerry Katona.

And later in a brief exchange with Amy where she confessed that although she found Lucien attractive did not want a relationship, he rather coyly responded ‘who said anything about a relationship?’ So what is Lucien playing at?

Is he just a 19-year-old boy enjoying himself? Or is he using schoolboy tactics to play the women against each other?

Does Lucien actually fancy any of the women? Or just himself most of all?

Is Lucien game playing or just playing the game that is Big Brother?