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Male contraceptive jab 'effective', but side effects are common

3:30pm Friday 28th October 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Male contraceptive injection '96% effective'," ITV News reports. The news comes from a study looking at a new type of male contraceptive injection, which was found to be effective – but side effects like acne and mood changes were common…

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Researchers discover the role of hormone in 'creating fat'

10:28am Friday 28th October 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Why stress can make you overweight: Hormones turn normal cells into dangerous fat," the Mail Online reports. The headline is prompted by research into the newly discovered role of the Adamts1 hormone on the formation of fat cells...

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Study recommends screening toddlers for heart disease risk

2:30pm Thursday 27th October 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Toddlers should be screened for an inherited form of heart disease … experts suggest," BBC News reports. A new study looked at the feasibility of screening for familial hypercholesterolaemia (FH), an inherited…

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Parent training may benefit children with severe autism

3:30pm Wednesday 26th October 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"A new form of therapy has for the first time been shown to improve the symptoms and behaviour of autistic children," The Guardian reports. A new trial looked at the impact of early intervention in children with severe autism...

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Women now drinking 'almost as much alcohol as men'

3:00pm Tuesday 25th October 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Women have caught up with men in the amount of alcohol they drink," The Guardian reports. A survey of data from around the world suggests the gap between men and women is closing rapidly when it comes…

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Heading footballs may cause short-term brain changes

3:35pm Monday 24th October 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Heading a football can significantly affect a player's brain function and memory for 24 hours, a study has found," BBC News reports. The news is based on a small experimental study involving 19 amateur footballers. The players were asked…

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Sweetened drinks, including diet drinks, may raise diabetes risk

4:30pm Friday 21st October 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Drinking more than two sugary or artificially sweetened soft drinks per day greatly increases the risk of diabetes, research has shown," The Guardian reports. The research was a Swedish cohort study of sweetened drink…

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'Statins in a tube': Could a new toothpaste prevent heart disease?

1:28pm Thursday 20th October 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Brushing teeth thoroughly to remove plaque could help prevent heart attacks … by reducing inflammation," The Daily Telegraph reports. A study found that "Plaque HD" toothpaste was related to a drop in inflammation levels…

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Anti-inflammatory arthritis drugs may help with depression

3:30pm Wednesday 19th October 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Arthritis pills could help beat depression," The Sun reports. A review of studies suggests anti-cytokine drugs, currently used to treat inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, could have a role in treating depression…

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Bacteria that process nitrates in food 'may trigger migraines'

3:28pm Wednesday 19th October 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Research shows [migraine] sufferers have higher levels of bacteria involved in processing nitrates, and could explain why some foods appear to act as migraine triggers," The Guardian reports. Nitrates are found in processed meats, like bacon…

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A 10-minute walk after every meal 'effective at controlling diabetes'

11:00pm Monday 17th October 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Short stroll after meals better for blood sugar than walks at other times," says The Daily Telegraph. The story is based on a study which aimed to see whether taking a 10-minute walk after a main meal resulted in lower blood glucose levels...

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Does IVF cut birth defect risk in babies with older mothers?

3:30pm Monday 17th October 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Women aged 40 or over are less likely to have babies with birth defects if they conceive by IVF," the Daily Mail reports, while The Daily Telegraph adds that, "Older mothers have healthier babies if they conceive using IVF"…

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Fussy eating in children may be partially genetic

2:30pm Friday 14th October 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Is your child a fussy eater? It could be down to genetics not parenting," the Daily Mirror reports. A study involving twins suggests food fussiness as well as food neophobia – unwillingness to try new foods – may partially be the result of genetics…

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Antidepressants 'double suicide risk' says controversial study

4:00pm Thursday 13th October 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Antidepressants could double the risk of feelings that could lead to suicide, according to a new study which has triggered furious rows," The Daily Telegraph reports. Critics have attacked the study as "fatally flawed" because researchers…

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Blood pressure drop on standing 'may be linked to dementia'

3:35pm Wednesday 12th October 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Have you ever felt dizzy when you stand up?" asks the Mail Online. "You could be more at risk of dementia," the website warns. Researchers in Holland found a weak link between blood pressure drops on standing…

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Receptionists 'putting people off' seeing their GPs

3:30pm Wednesday 12th October 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Receptionists may 'put people off' seeing their GP by asking questions about symptoms," ITV News reports on a widely covered study carried out by Cancer Research UK. The study is part of an ongoing project…

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Doctors 'vastly outperform' symptom checker apps

3:30pm Tuesday 11th October 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Doctors correctly diagnose illness 'twice as often as online symptom checkers'," The Sun reports. A US study ran a head-to-head comparison between doctors and a series of symptom checkers using what are known as clinical vignettes…

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Does vitamin D in pregnancy prevent ADHD?

2:30pm Monday 10th October 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Sunbathing mothers guard against hyperactive babies," The Daily Telegraph reports – a headline that achieves the dubious dual distinction of being both inaccurate and irresponsible…

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'No link' between night shifts and breast cancer risk

4:28pm Friday 7th October 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Working night shifts has 'little or no effect' on a woman's risk of developing breast cancer, new research suggests," BBC News reports. This was the reassuring finding of a new study looking at data from 10 different countries…

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Cervical screening every 10 years for healthy women is 'safe'

3:30pm Thursday 6th October 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Cervical cancer: gap between screenings 'can be increased to 10 years'," The Guardian reports. A Dutch study suggests women who test negative for the human papilloma virus (HPV), the leading cause of cervical cancer…

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Ideas for boxing day

4:17pm Friday 25th December 2015 content supplied by Netmums

A winter walk in the country is a great Boxing Day tradition – unless you’ve got kids who act like every single step is torture. Throw in an element of adventure, though, and it’ll stop the whinging in its tracks. We love geocaching – a modern day treasure hunt using your phone or a satnav – for getting that Famous Five vibe with a 21st-century twist.

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reward charts

10:38am Saturday 9th May 2015 content supplied by Netmums

We've put together some cute reward simple and more detailed reward charts as well as placemats to colour in, based around pirates, fairies and monsters - you choose.

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