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Sports drinks may have adverse effects on teens' dental health

2:00pm Wednesday 29th June 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"High numbers of younger teenagers are risking tooth decay and obesity by regularly having high-sugar sport drinks," BBC News reports. A survey of Welsh teenagers found high levels of consumption in teens, who seem unaware of their high-sugar content…

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Is 'Disney Princess culture' a bad influence on young girls?

2:30pm Tuesday 28th June 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Disney princesses such as Elsa from Frozen can damage young girls' body esteem," the Daily Mail reports – inaccurately. The study the news comes from actually found a more complex pattern of influences on both girls and boys...

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Children's plastic toys can 'harbour viruses for hours'

2:35pm Monday 27th June 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Plastic toys 'can harbour nasty viruses for hours, raising risk of infection'," the Mail Online reports. New research suggests that enveloped viruses, which have a protective shell, may survive on toys for up to 24 hours...

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Broccoli compounds may help combat chronic diseases

2:30pm Friday 24th June 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Eating broccoli could lower your risk of having coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes and several types of cancer, a new study suggests," the Daily Mail reports. But there is little hard evidence to back up...

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Study suggests that inflammation is behind period pain

12:00pm Thursday 23rd June 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Scientists have finally discovered why periods hurt so much, following a ground breaking study into menstrual pain," The Independent reports. A new study suggests that the pain is caused by acute inflammation, as measured by the C-reactive protein...

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Should we 'eat breakfast like a king and dinner like a pauper'?

11:00am Thursday 23rd June 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"We should 'eat breakfast like a king' to fight obesity, scientists claim," the Daily Mirror reports. The headline was prompted by a new review into "chrono-nutrition", which involves seeing if when we eat is as important as what we eat…

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Diabetes drugs may be useful for Alzheimer's, mice research finds

2:30pm Wednesday 22nd June 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Drugs prescribed to treat diabetes could cure Alzheimer's disease" is the significantly over-hyped headline in The Daily Telegraph. What new research did find is that there seems to be shared biological processes between Alzheimer's and diabetes…

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Drugs, ginger and acupuncture 'best for morning sickness'

11:35am Wednesday 22nd June 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Hundreds of thousands of pregnant women with morning sickness should be given drugs to ease their symptoms," the Daily Mirror reports. The recommendation comes from a set of new guidelines that also say ginger…

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Almost half of all UK adults may be living with chronic pain

2:30pm Tuesday 21st June 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Almost half the adult population is living with chronic pain," the Daily Mail reports. A major new review suggests that around 28 million adults in the UK are affected by some type of chronic pain…

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Cranberry juice 'useful' for women with recurring UTIs, claims study

4:00pm Monday 20th June 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Drinking cranberry juice could reduce the worldwide use of antibiotics," is the somewhat optimistic headline in The Daily Telegraph. A new study found some modest preventative benefit in women with a history of reoccurring urinary tract infections…

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Could 5:2 diet play a role in preventing breast cancer?

11:45am Friday 17th June 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Women who follow the 5:2 diet 'could reduce their risk of breast cancer','' the Mail Online reports. A small study found some women who followed the diet experienced breast cell changes thought to be protective against breast cancer. But the study…

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Coffee's cancer risk downgraded (as long as you don't drink it hot)

5:30pm Thursday 16th June 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Very hot drinks may cause cancer, but coffee does not, says WHO," The Guardian reports. A review by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) concluded that only beverages consumed at higher than 65C posed a possible cancer risk…

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Brain scans find differences in 'badly behaved' teen boys

5:25pm Thursday 16th June 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"'Striking’ structural differences seen in study which compared brain scans of young men with antisocial behavioural problems with their healthy peers," The Guardian reports.

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Three servings of wholegrains a day 'cuts risk of early death'

3:40pm Wednesday 15th June 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Eating Weetabix for breakfast 'can slash your risk of dying early from any cause'," the Daily Mirror reports. A new study looking at wholegrain consumption (not just Weetabix) found a strong link between consumption and improved…

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Teens who vape e-cigs 'six times more likely to smoke cigarettes'

11:30am Tuesday 14th June 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Vaping is a gateway to smoking," the Mail Online reports, seriously overstating the evidence of a new US study. While the study did find teens who experimented with e-cigs were more likely to smoke "traditional" tobacco products…

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Study says there's no link between cholesterol and heart disease

1:40pm Monday 13th June 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Controversial report claims there's no link between 'bad cholesterol' and heart disease," the Daily Mail reports. Researchers, looking at previous data, argue that there is no connection between “bad cholesterol” and heart disease deaths in the over 60s…

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Risky stem cell treatment 'halts progress of multiple sclerosis'

12:30pm Friday 10th June 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"New treatment can 'halt' multiple sclerosis, says study," BBC News reports. The treatment involves effectively destroying the existing immune system and creating a new one using stem cells. But this new treatment…

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Should we rethink the causes of anorexia?

2:30pm Thursday 9th June 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Anorexia is not about a fear of getting fat, but rather a pleasure at losing weight, experts reveal," says the Daily Mail. The headline oversimplifies the results of a study that looked at women's responses to photos of women of varying weights…

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Green tea extract 'boosts mental ability' in people with Down's

11:00am Wednesday 8th June 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Down's syndrome can be treated with green tea," says The Daily Telegraph, reporting on a study that looked at the effect of a chemical extract on learning difficulties…

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Ideas for boxing day

4:17pm Friday 25th December 2015 content supplied by Netmums

A winter walk in the country is a great Boxing Day tradition – unless you’ve got kids who act like every single step is torture. Throw in an element of adventure, though, and it’ll stop the whinging in its tracks. We love geocaching – a modern day treasure hunt using your phone or a satnav – for getting that Famous Five vibe with a 21st-century twist.

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reward charts

10:38am Saturday 9th May 2015 content supplied by Netmums

We've put together some cute reward simple and more detailed reward charts as well as placemats to colour in, based around pirates, fairies and monsters - you choose.

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