TEACHING unions have welcomed election pledges by the Labour party and Liberal Democrats to boost funding for schools.

Labour chiefs announced they would put £5billion into education by raising corporation tax while the Liberal Democrats have announced £7billion to protect per-pupil funding.

Kevin Courtney, general secretary of the National Union of Teachers, said: “Parents and teachers will strongly welcome the fact that the Labour Party has grasped the enormity of the problem schools and colleges face through drastic real terms cuts to their budgets.

“This indicates a much better understanding of what’s happening in our schools than the constant assertion by the Conservatives of the half- truth that ‘funding has never been higher’. While that is the case it disguises the fact that we have more pupils than ever before and that school running costs are running far ahead of funding.”

He added the Liberal Democrat boost shows they are listening to the thousands of heads and parents who have been writing to the prime minister.