A POPULAR school in Ramsbottom is looking to branch out with a new after-hours club development.

Agents acting on behalf of Holcombe Brook Primary said the Longsight Road school has seen pupil numbers rise from 224 in 2012 to 274 for this year.

Proposals for a portable building have been lodged with Bury Council, to the South West of the site.

The building would accommodate after-school activities.

Planning consultant Nick Glendinning said: “As a result of this increase the school have fully utilised all available teaching space within the main building and been forced to convert the space previously used for the out of hours club into dedicated teaching space.

“This situation has left the out of hour’s club with only the school hall to use.

"The use of the school hall by the out of hours club is far from ideal and creates issues with setting up for assemblies and other school functions.”

If given permission, the portable building would be installed for a five-year period.

Supporters also say the extra space could be used for ‘break-out’ activities and any one-to-one tuition needed.