Helen Mead: So there, I’ve done the unthinkable

2:10pm Monday 3rd March 2014

‘BRITISH menfolk – stubborn, unimaginative, flatulent, uni-taskers’.

It is hard to believe that this glowing conclusion comes from their partners.

Or maybe it isn’t. Women thrive on complaining about men.

And, as readers of this column know, I do it regularly. I’ve also been criticised for it on more than one occasion.

So, when I read the results of this latest ‘why men irritate women’ survey, exposing blokes as a nation of TV remote-hugging, flatulent snorers, who stare blatantly at other women, are unable to multi-task, refuse to admit they are wrong, are “thoroughly unable” to be spontaneous, and who ignore their partner, I resisted the almost overpowering urge to agree.

Instead, I decided to break with tradition and list the things I like about my husband.

True, I did have to scrape the inner recesses of my brain, but I managed to come up with a few reasons: n He’s dependable – other than the time he spends at work, he’s always around when you need him, and doesn’t spend every evening at the pub.

So there, I’ve done the unthinkable – written a positive column about my husband.

Funnily enough the survey was by a bingo website – where the women who filled it in doubtless spend hours. I’d like to hear what their husbands have to say about that.


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