I knew it was only a matter of time before the Duchess of Cambridge appeared with a stomach flatter than Holland.

Just over a month after the birth, there she was looking like she’d never had a baby, let alone one of a good weight.

It’s the same with celebrities. Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow, Myleene Klass, Heidi Klum, I could go on.

They all step out with pancake-like stomachs, spouting reasons for the transformation from breastfeeding to diets and exercise.

Fair enough, these things may have an effect – but it usually happens over time. I’m amazed they can bring about such dramatic changes so quickly. Look at Jennifer Lopez: she lost 40lb after having twins through, she claims, diet and exercise.

After I gave birth I’d have had to stop eating for a year and run up Ben Nevis every day to achieve anything like those results.

Most women post-birth, myself included, haven’t got the energy to get dressed in the morning let alone leap put of bed, put 17 varieties of fruit through the juicer then strut to the gym for a three-hour workout.

Looking at some of them, It makes you wonder if they were ever really pregnant. Perhaps they all wore special fat suits for the duration, while surrogates carried their offspring behind closed doors.

This desperate rush to lose weight sets a bad example. Pregnancy is a wonderful thing and women should be as proud of their post-baby bump as their pre-baby one. It’s all part of the same life-giving process, after all.

The idea that you have to erase all trace of your pregnancy isn’t a great message to mothers the world over.

Kim Kardashian reportedly wouldn’t go out before shedding her baby weight. She is, apparently “ totally focused on weight loss” and is using a personal trainer to help. It makes you question whether, for them, it is worth having a baby.

Seventeen years on, I’ve still got my pregnancy bumps – two rolled into one – but who cares?

Thankfully, for people like me, there’s no pressure – the ‘before’ shape isn’t far removed from the ‘after’.

In Kate’s case, I really don’t know why she bothers. In true royal tradition, she’ll be pregnant again soon.